Who we are at Stephens City Chess

Club background

Stephens City Chess Club was founded in December 2017 by Matthew, an eigth grader at Admiral Byrd Middle School in Frederick County Virginia. The club is devoted to providing a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to play and learn the game of chess. We are open to all ages and all skill levels of players. New players and beginners can find a lot of resources to help them learn the game.

Club Staff

Matthew Clark

Even though he is only 14, Club founder Matthew has a real love for the game. He is a US Chess rated player and is currently working to increase his tournament experience. He is focused on building the up the Stephens City club, as well as, chess in the Shenandoah Valley Region as a whole.

John Clark

Matthew's father John is a US Chess Federation certified chess coach. He works with new players to teach the fundementals of the game and with intermediate players to improve their tactical skills. He played competatively in highschool and college and is recently returning to the game as a rated player. He is a member of the US Chess Federation and a certified club tournament director.

Nathan Courtney

Nathan is a certified club tournament director. He works with both our club and the Shenandoah Valley Chess Club in this capacity and serves as the chief TD at our rated events. Nathan has a penchant for game analysis and can be extremely helpful in post-mortem analysis of member games. He is a US Chess rated player and will be playing in the upcoming correspondence tournament between the United States and Italy.