Stephens City Chess Club Rating System

Club Rating for Shenandoah Valley Area Players

Stephens City Chess Club ratngs are based on games held between any two players signed up for the club rating system. In order for a game to count towards club rating, both players must agree to count the game prior to the first move. Touch move should be observed. Time control (including no timer) is up to the players, as long as it is agreed upon prior to the first move. Stephens City Chess Club uses the Harkness System to determine club rating. So have some fun and take the challenge! Can you get to the top of the rankings?
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Current Club Ratings

Open Club Rating as of 09/10/2017

Player Rating Wins Losses Draws
David Hubbard1060400
Adriaan Verspoor1060400
Nathan Courtney1058402
Alex Miller1045300
Dan Post1032201
Lincoln Pape1016100
Matthew Clark1003440
Justin Quiros1002110
James Clark1000111
James LoMonaco1000000
John Clark984010
Ryan Klopp968130
Sean Blume955030
Eric Williams953030
Henry Fowler943150
Hannah Barker941150

K-12 Club Ratings as of 09/10/2017

Player Rating Wins Losses Draws
Matthew Clark1032200
Natalie Colwell1000111
Kendall Clark1000111
Jackson Wade1000111
Hannah Barker1000000
Jade Clark1000000
Drew Davis1000000
James Fowler1000000
Henry Fowler1000000
Avery LoMonaco1000000
Daniel LoMonaco1000000
James LoMonaco1000000
Julian LoMonaco1000000
Lincoln Pape1000000
Logan Pape1000000
Sapphire Segar-Young1000000
Kevin Klopp968020