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Area Chess Clubs

Shenandoah Valley Chess Club

The Stephens City Chess Club is a branch of the larger Shenandoah Valley Chess Club. The SVCC meets at both Bowman Library in Stephens City, VA and Handley Library in Winchester, VA. SVCC is a tremendous supporter of chess in the area and is a great resource for chess players here in the Shenandoah Valley. We strongly recommend checking out the resources offered by the club as a whole.
Shenandoah Valley Chess Club

Other Area Chess Clubs

Chess Resources

US Chess Federation

The US Chess Federation is the governing body for Chess in the United States and represents the United States in the World Chess Federation (FIDE). USCF works to strengthen chess players and organizations in the United States. They offer yearly memberships that allow members to receive a player ranking, as well as, access to multiple resources for learning the game. We really suggest you check them out.
US Chess Federation

Virginia Chess Federation

The Virginia Chess Federation is the Virginia Representative of the US Chess Federation. They focus on statewide tournaments and officiate the Virginia State Championships on a yearly basis. The organisation is focused on the promoting, stimulating, and developing the study of the game of chess in the state of Virginia. You can check out their website here for information on Virginia Clubs and upcoming tournaments.
Virginia Chess Federation is our favorite online site for chess. There is a free membership that allows limited access to lessons, tactics, puzzles and more. In addition you can play live and correspondance matches with other players from around the world. Paid memberships offer greater access to training tools. is operated by and is the teaching website that we use as part of our Scholastic Program. New players can learn through various lessons, tutorials, puzzles, as well as, live and correspondance games with other players. Paid memberships offer greater access to training tools. Registered members of our Scholastic program can recieve a free gold membership. Contact us for more information.

Other Chess Resourses

Other Useful Stuff

Bowman Library

Our Favorite Branch of the Handley Library System. Stephens City Chess wishes to thank Bowman Library for their support of our club and for providing the use of their facilities. Bowman offers a great collection of materials, access to the entire Handley library system, and fantastic programing for all ages... including chess! Check out the Handley Regional Libray website or even better check out the Bowman Branch. We know you will love it as much as us.
Handley Regional Library